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What is JAVA hosting?

Standard Web hosting services let you run static Web presentations or dynamic presentations based on simple scripting languages, such as PHP or ASP. JAVA hosting, based on the JAVA programming language, lets you run dynamic applications that range from simple PHP- or ASP-type applications all the way up to more complex enterprise J2EE applications.

Simply put, PHP and ASP are fine for certain applications, but you can do so much more with JAVA.

Will I get my own system account?


Can I request special software?

Certainly. Tell us what you need, we will make it run.

Where can I test already on your server running JSP-pages?

Try for example:

Can you describe your software environment?

Our servers are armed with the following software:

FreeBSD operating system
Linux operating system

Servlet containers:
  • Jakarta Tomcat 5.5
  • Jakarta Tomcat 4.1
  • Jetty 4.2
  • Resin 3.0
  • Postgres (JDBC driver installed)
  • MySQL (JDBC driver installed)
  • eXist - (native) XML database
  • Xindice - (native) XML database
Available virtual machines and SDKs:
  • J2SDK 1.5.0
Application server J2EE: JBoss

Server Apache for provision of static content

 Enterprise requirements

Where are your servers located?

Your application can run close to your customers. We can offer servers at to places:
  • Czech Republic / Prague
  • USA / Houston

How do you garantee operation?

Our back-up servers are located in Prague and in London. Due to the fact of the geographical independence of the back-up and the production server we can garantee to reestablish the system in case of disaster within several hours.

 Basic price packages

Price/ month290 Kč790 Kč
Invoice period6 months3 months
ContainerTomcat 5.5 sharedTomcat 5.5 private JVM
RAM64 MB (shared)128 MB (reserverd)
Storage space10 MB500 MB
Transfer300 MB5 GB
Back upPragueLondon, Prague
FTP accessyesyes
SSH accessnoyes
Web manageryesyes
Prices are without VAT 19%, are valid from 1. 11. 2006 and may change.

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If these basic package don't meet your requirements, we are looking forward to a message from your with your special requirements. Write us!

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