Server Administration

Once your are running your own server you need someone who will supervise it's health and upgrade itís software environment. We are able to completely administer these kinds of operating systems:

  • Linux (no matter about particular distribution)
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • Solaris
and possibly any other well documented UNIX-like server system.

Our special aim is to administer JAVA related software on these systems. We can install and manage

  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) suitable for your operating system
  • Java Servlet container best for your servlets and JSP applications (e.g. Jakarta Tomcat, Jetty)
  • J2EE container for your enterprise applications (JBoss is the one we love)
  • Additional JAVA tools and add-ins (such as the Ant tool, JDBC drivers, a so on..)

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